Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Schaack Daddy has RETURNED!!!!!

 Thought is picture was funny!! It is like she is saying, "talk to the hand".
Cami loves to go to the park!!!
 ( Steve really doesn't wear short shorts this picture looks like it. We got a good laugh from it )

Steve is HOme !!!!! YAHOOOOOO He doesn't have to travel until September. We are so PUMPED!!!  Many of you know that Nov- March is Steve busy time traveling with basketball.  We are definitely taking advantage of him being home and the beautiful spring weather here in California. Our Cami girl is getting so big and we love her to pieces . She is  best thing to happen to the LOVESCHAACKS for sure :}  She is rolling all over the place.  We really have to watch her or she might roll down our apartment steps aahhhhhh!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Like father like daughter !!!

Cami is so her daddy's girl.  She loves going to all the games with him. She loves the sound of the loud buzzers the lights and the crowd cheering. It is hilarious to watch this girl :}

Look how much they look alike. Here is Cami up in the press box with daddy watching the game. She loves him. They have a really cute relationship. When he comes home she gets so happy and when she does something cute she makes sure he is watching . She has the best daddy ever!!!