Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aloha to the Schaack Daddy!!!

Bummer for Cami and I. Steve is in HAWAII this week. To celebrate his homecoming .  I dressed Cami up  in her little island girl outfit. I promise I really don't dress her up in silly costumes all day. I  really get  a kick out of doing it . Cami's facial expressions kill me .  
  We miss you Schaack Daddy!!! Bring me back some chocolate covered macadamia nuts. 
Those things rock :}

Steve was out of town last week. So Cami and I went to Colorado to visit my parents we had a BLAST!!! We sure missed our Schaack Daddy!!!
Yes I am holding a spider Crazy !!! Just wanted to show Cami how brave her mama is ha ha 
Here we are at the Butterfly pavillion. It was so cool. There were butterflies flying all around.  Cami like to see all the bright colors.

Cami has been smiling so much lately. It makes us so HAPPY!!
Cami is ready for her super bowl party are you? Ha Ha we have to much fun
Steve  gets as much Daddy Daughter time in as he can . Sometimes I will come home and they will be watching football together. It makes me laugh :}

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hubby Spotlight!!

This will be fun. I was tagged by my friend. Steve is so wonderful.  I'm excited to talk about him.

How long have you been married?
 1 year and 3 months. Best time of my life

How long did you date?
 ha ha we call it the 4 month miracle. That's right 4  months folks . He just made everything so EASY no drama. I felt like he really wanted to be with me. Every girl needs to feel appreciated and loved. I fell pretty hard and dang quick. I guess the SCHAACK attack has that a affect on people especially me . 

How did you meet? On a blind date crazy crazy . The produce guy at the grocery store that I went to on a daily basis hooked us up !!!! He knew Steve and he had gotten to know me. So he thought we would make a good match!!! Macey's grocery store has a special place in my heart.

Who said I Love you first?  
Well technically it was me. I was saying goodbye to him one night and without thinking as he walked out the door I said love ya. One of those things I always say to my family when they  are leaving. It just slipped. I worried that he thought I was way to forward . . It was like our 2nd date aaahhhhhh!!!! Glad it didn't scare him away.

Who does the dishes?
Steve is the best!!! His rule is whoever cooks doesn't have to clean up. My kind of guy.

What  do you and your hubby like to do together?
Lots of things. Steve is down with anything. We enjoy going on walks, playing catch and going to different sporting events. He is always planning fun things for us. 
What is your hubby's best quality?
It is hard to narrow it down to just one. So I would have to say how thoughtful,sweet and funny he is.  (oops that's three. it is impossible to say just one)

I am so blessed and lucky to have a wonderful husband like Steve. He never gets mad, always happy and makes me bust a gut.It has been so fun for me to see him be a daddy. He loves to play with Cami. He is so helpful and always asking what he can do to help. I couldn't be happier and so glad I found my Mr. Wonderful !!! Thanks Steve for making my life so GRAND!!!!