Thursday, January 13, 2011

HAPPINESSS IS ................

 Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of LIFE" I have been thinking a lot about happiness and have been pondering what truly makes me HAPPY !!!  The things that bring me the greatest joy and  upmost happiness are NOT THINGS. Hearing my little girls laugh, and having Steve home top the charts on my HAPPY list .  I love my simple life and I am HAPPY !! 
                                 Here are a few more things that make my life so wonderful 

                                             Oh This baby is such a joy in our lives

                                          We love it when Aunt Ju- Ju comes to visit

 Cami loves I mean loves her little Sophie bugs ( maybe a little to much ) Has been a real treat to see them interact
                                           Got to see two of my beautiful sisters

                  Love it when Steve is home !!! and I am pretty sure he makes everything a PARTY

                                          Can't get enough of this darling love bug

                                            Yahoo for baby food !!!

                          Left the room for a minute and found Sophie taking time to read the good word

                                                   Reason for the Season !!! Had a fun Ward Party
                                           I told you he is the fun one around here :]

                                                Cami loves to help with the dishes, and  I am not complaining one bit

                                           Fun visit to the temple . Well I had fun but Cami just looks COLD ha ha

                                           Not sure what's going on here  but I was laughing pretty hard

                                              Daddy loves his girls

                                             Got to see the Bulldogs play they are so great and incredible people

                                           Lots of fun cousin time during Christmas

                                               Santa visit went better than I thought ;]

                                              My little bargain shopper

This girl is so crazy and oh so fun 

                                              LIFE IS GOOD !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR :}