Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Little SISTA got HITCHED !!!

My Little nephew Camden getting his groove on. As you can see he gets his dance moves from his crazy parents below

I Had to put this picture up. My sis Amy and her husband Scott are the life of any PARTY
The cake was so YUMMY !!!
Everyone Loves Aunt Ju- Ju 

The cute couple . They are so perfect for each other. They make us laugh so hard 
My sweet niece Cali Girl 
Look how Happy my Dad is. He finally has got his "SONS" He waited a long time for this 
Two Beautiful gals !!! Can you believe this is my grandma she looks so AMAZING 
Our sweet Mama she is is the best !!!
We sure love our Papa Meik !!! 
I love it when all my sisters get together!!! We have so much fun and I love them so much 
All my sista's and our new Bro law His name is Steve too so we call him Stevie D 
I love my Man and little babes !!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cami the builder !!!

The Fresno Met had a really cool BOB the Builder exhibit, and of course Cami loved that she could touch everything without her mama taking everything away :} 
Cami  Playing with her friends Brennon and  Little Kate . As you can see Cami is trying to show off some serious skin :]
Cami and her cute friend Claire Bear 
We thought she would be afraid of this guy that dressed up as "BOB" but instead she was hitting him on the head !!! THank goodness he is wearing a hard hat :]