Saturday, August 22, 2009

Island Water Park

Several Days ago I was able to to take Cami and Alli to Island Water Park for work. The Fresno State football team is in the middle of the Dog Days of Fall Camp and to give the team a break the coach rented out the park for two hours for just the team. Cami had a good time having the play area all to herself. One other coach had three little kids but other than that the play area was hers. 

Cami and I swim in the lazy river with some of the football players.

Cami loves being in the water. 

This is probably my all-time favorite picture of her. This is Cami's kingdom for a day. 

Alli and Cami go down the water slides. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cami the gymnast !!!

We took Cami to the " Little Gym" with her friend Addi. We laughed so hard especially because Cami is "Miss Independent" and wanted to do everything on her own. . She is such a dare devil.   Cami first things first let's get walking down  then we will let you do backbends across the balance beam. She is cRaZy!!!Cami and her friend Addi getting ready to show off their moves
Look at that grip folks !!!
She is now ready for the parallel bars 
I wished she listened to me like this ha ha !!!