Sunday, November 14, 2010

Livin the VIDA LOCA !!!!

Holy Smokes for those of you that haven't heard ......... We moved states, changed jobs, put house on market, said goodbye to dear friends and SOLD our house just in the past 2 months!!! Like I said livin the vida loca (aka living the crazy life ) Steve got a new job as the Media Relations Director at Idaho State University . We feel so blessed to be here in Idaho !!! It is so beautiful, cost of living is INCREDIBLE (coming from california anything is),and we are amongst some of the kindest people on earth. We were sad to leave California, good friends, sunshine and the beach but we know we have a lot of fun and exciting adventures ahead and we thank the good Lord for all he has blessed us with.

 I am so glad this baby is mine !!!
 Love love to see my little girls hang out !!!
                                          Sweet Sophie

                                    Go Orange and black !!!

They have the best pumpkin patches here !!!
                                       Oh man we have so much fun with these girls !!!

                                                   Miss lady bug and bumble bee

                                                 We love our Sophie BUGS !!!

                                            Our Baby girl is TWO and she sure loves CAKE !!!

                                     Cami loves loves Cars so we had a Cars party !!!

                                         Afraid of the candles !!!! ha ha it was so funny

                                                     I love all this fun winter gear for my babies !!!

                                                    The best things aren't things !!!
                                           These two cuties make us so HAPPY !!!