Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Da New LOVE SCHAACK!!! ( OUR New Home)

Well Folks here is the new Love Schaack!!! We are so excited to be in our new home. We feel very blessed and humbled. We never would of thought we could find a home in our price range  especially in California ( Crazy expensive here)  Since the market has been so low we got this house for half the price YES PLEASE!!!!  We love the space and the nice big backyard (will post soon) I have to hire a gardener first ha ha !!! Thanks for everyone for being so happy for us. You all are wonderful  
Extra Dining Room
Entry way

Front room. As you can see Cami loves to roll all over :] She is a kick
Cami's bathroom
Sinks in Master bathroom
Shower in Master bath

One Angle of the Kitchen
 Another Angle of the kitchen

Cami's room- I still need to hang pictures up . Give me a week or a month ha ha !!!