Friday, April 2, 2010

The SCHAACK Daddy has returned !!!

WE ARE SO EXCITED STEVE IS DONE WITH HIS BUSY SEASON !!! (Can you tell by the use of the caps lock key ha ha ) I am not gonna lie September - March is hard to have him away . My sweet little Cami keeps me going. She brings so much sunshine into our lives. She is just pure FUN !!! What would we do without her ????? With the Schaack Daddy home we have taken full advantage of this beautiful weather. That means lots and lots of park time . I am so thankful for all my blessings. Of course my life is not perfect but really who's is right ? This is what Happiness is to me 1. Having your husband home, 2 Hearing your little girl laugh 3. Beautiful days 4.Going on family walks 5. Watching the Sunset. Life is BEAUTIFUL !!! I love life's simple pleasures :}


Steve can't even mow the lawn without Cami wanting to know where he is at !!!

Our little Baby is becoming a little Lady