Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LA Get-A-Way

After traveling quite a bit for work, I was lucky to have 12 days with no games. So to celebrate we headed to Southern California and spent some time with family along with being on the beach and going to a Lakers game. As you can see Cami loved Santa Monica Beach. 

A happy mom and daughter leaving the Lakers game. 

Don't bug me while I sleep on the beach. 

Cami loved the beach but I tried putting her feet in the water and she let out a loud scream. 

Our daughter is ready to hit the streets and shop. 

Alli knows the way to my heart. For Christmas she bought me tickets to see the Lakers play at the Staples Center. It was alot of fun. Cami was ready to go to the game too. 

We had a good time at the game. Cami was sad to leave. She is saying, "I don't want to go home." 

We are a happy family at Santa Monica Beach. The weather was 70 degrees in February. Sorry for all of you who are in freezing temperatures.

Friday, February 6, 2009

She has our hearts !!!!

We love everything about her ( rolls and all ) 
Chloe is our cute little friend that we watch. Cami loves to have other kids around. I think she gets bored when it's just her mama and her :}
She wakes up laughing and smiling !!! Seriously who does that? 
She makes us laugh every minute. When we took this picture , Steve and I were in tears cause we were  laughing so hard :}

I have never seen a daddy love his little girl more. Steve is up before I am.  He is the one to get Cami out of her crib. I will hear him talking to her and laughing with her :] It is a fun thing to wake up to.