Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Dallas, Texas

This year we spent Christmas in Dallas, Texas with my brother Jon and his family and my sister Megan and her family. My parents, sister Lindsey and brother Robbie and his wife Jessica also came for Christmas. It was the first time we have all been together in over a year. It was a fun Christmas being all together. This was also the first time Alli and I were able to introduce Cami to all the family on the Schaack side. This is a picture of Cami with her other cousins. The two boys are Jon's kids and the girl is Megan's daughter.

We were fortunate to bless Cami in Dallas with my family. As you can see by the picture she was all smiles.

Cami loved her first Christmas. She was wide awake and happy as can be. 

Grandma Schaack loved holding Cami every minute she could. 

Grandpa Schaack enjoys a little nap with Cami during the Christmas holiday.

Alli is one proud mother with Cami on her blessing day. 

Alli and I with Cami on her blessing day. December 26, 2008.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up With Life

Cami smiles a lot but this is the only picture we have been able to get on camera. She loves her swing. It has actually been a life saver for us. 

On December 13 I traveled to Stanford with our women's basketball team. We got drilled by 38 points but it was still cool to be on campus and play against the No. 3 team in the country. 

This was at the Fresno State Children Christmas for Cancer Holiday party. The person in the picture with Alli and I is an old friend from Utah, Jeff Reinert who used to coach basketball at UVU. He is now an assistant coach to coach Steve Cleveland at Fresno State. 

Here we are at the Christmas part with the Fresno State mascot, TimeOut. Cami does very good in public and with people. She has already been to three basketball games and has been really good. She may be a daddies girl after all. 

Our Russian Daughter

Alli's mother bought this outfit for Cami. I really like the hat. It makes her look like she is this Russian girl. Cami is growing so quick. She is only six weeks old and wearing 3-6 month clothes. Cami is like her dad in that she loves to just chill and have a good time.