Sunday, November 14, 2010

Livin the VIDA LOCA !!!!

Holy Smokes for those of you that haven't heard ......... We moved states, changed jobs, put house on market, said goodbye to dear friends and SOLD our house just in the past 2 months!!! Like I said livin the vida loca (aka living the crazy life ) Steve got a new job as the Media Relations Director at Idaho State University . We feel so blessed to be here in Idaho !!! It is so beautiful, cost of living is INCREDIBLE (coming from california anything is),and we are amongst some of the kindest people on earth. We were sad to leave California, good friends, sunshine and the beach but we know we have a lot of fun and exciting adventures ahead and we thank the good Lord for all he has blessed us with.

 I am so glad this baby is mine !!!
 Love love to see my little girls hang out !!!
                                          Sweet Sophie

                                    Go Orange and black !!!

They have the best pumpkin patches here !!!
                                       Oh man we have so much fun with these girls !!!

                                                   Miss lady bug and bumble bee

                                                 We love our Sophie BUGS !!!

                                            Our Baby girl is TWO and she sure loves CAKE !!!

                                     Cami loves loves Cars so we had a Cars party !!!

                                         Afraid of the candles !!!! ha ha it was so funny

                                                     I love all this fun winter gear for my babies !!!

                                                    The best things aren't things !!!
                                           These two cuties make us so HAPPY !!!


Melanie Meik said...

i can't wait to see you and your sweet girls (and steve, haha) in a few months!

Barb's blessings said...

You guys seem to do everything in 2 months time. But hey, it works for you!

So glad everything is working out for you in Idaho. You so deserve the best! We will miss seeing you in California but what an opportunity!

Love ya!


Dad, Mom, and babies said...

yeah yeah! My parents live in IF so we will have to see you next time we visit.

Amy said...

Glad you guys are liking Idaho! We miss you though! Miss Sophie is so cute and getting big! I love that you had a Cars party for Camo-haha. Thats awesome.

Matt and Melissa said...

You sure have had a crazy couple of months...Wow...! I'm so happy for you, it sounds like life is going great for you and your family. You have such a beautiful family, such cute girls and I can tell you love being a mom (isn't it the best!). I just moved to Oregon and its sure amazing how the Lord has a hand in our lives and truly guides our family to where we need to be! One day we'll have to get together and have our little girls play!

Mandy said...

Wow, ya'll have had quite the changes in your lives. Sheesh! I love change though, and it looks like ya'll are adjusting great. I too love Idaho. Your family picture at the top is ADORABLE, and your two girls are precious! It's true "the best things aren't things." Cute post.

T.J. & Becca Wuth said...

Hey Sweet Girl!! Love your blog!! We are looking to exit old California here in the next year as well. T.J. will be finishing up with his Electrical Engineering degree, and we would love to move to a more conservative state. Send me a facebook message about Idaho when you get a chance. I would love to hear more about your adventures!

Chelle said...

Holy cow, you HAVE had a lot going on! How exciting about Idaho. I've always LOVED Idaho, and I have a certain fondness for Idaho people in general--they all seem so nice and down to earth. Your girls are just beautiful. That one of Sophie in her hat with her big blue eyes...priceless!! What a beautiful family you are!

Brittany said...

Talk about a change of scenery from California to Potato land!! Congrats on the move. You all look SO happy. Sophie looks ADORABLE in that winter flower hat!!!

Bruce, Crystal and Sayla said...

LOVE your pics Alli - beautiful family you have! xoxo