Monday, August 30, 2010

I love the beach, my boy, and my babies !!!

One of my best friends got married in San Diego what a perfect excuse to go to the BEACH !!! It was beautiful Cami and I both threw a fit when we had to leave ha ha so true :}


Sophie loves the beach too !!!

I love moments like this

What a beautiful day in San Diego

Handsome Daddy and cute little girls

I love this picture !!!


Amy said...

i love that pic of BGer and Sophie Bugs at the end!! Oh my goodness, cute cute baby girls

Dulcie said...

That little Cami of yours looks just like you! She is such a little doll.

Brittany said...

That last picture is simply classic. Both girls have the best expressions on their faces. Cute Girls!!

Bruce, Crystal and Sayla said...

Great pictures Alli, the girls look beautiful! I hear you're moving to Pocatello? So fun for Emily. We will always cherish the time we lived in Idaho...the people, the beauty! xo

Mandy said...

SOoo cute! Little Sophie is getting so big. I love chunky babies. Brightyn was a chunk for a while and now she is thinning out....(makes me sad) Squeeze her for me. :) You are so sweet about my crafting-honestly, I would LOVE to make little crafts/bean bags for your girls. Why don't you live closer?? :)